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Balance is not bullshit

Many people believe that balance is bullshit, that there is no such thing. This really fires me up inside because I believe just the opposite, I believe everyone can reach a life full of purpose, passion and balance.

By saying balance is bullshit and by buying into this belief I think that it gives people an excuse not to make changes. I think it provides everyone with an out, a way to avoid even trying to find a life they love because well, balance is bullshit, right? Wrong!

I know that balance is not bullshit and I know this because I live it, I live it and breathe it every day! I not only live it, so does my wife, and my family, and I also know many other people who live a life full of passion and purpose and balance.

You are probably asking how is this possible? My answer is simple, it’s a choice! I choose to view my life from the principles of OOLA and they include having goals in 7 Key areas of life. Those areas are Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (Career), Faith, Friends, and Fun. These principles have taught me to see things differently and in turn I live differently.

I also think it's important to not view balance as breaking every day up into 3.45 hours and spending time on each “F” equally every day. It is about scheduling time for the 7 areas every week, with some things being done every day. For example 5 days a week most of us head to work, and there is time off on the weekend. If you considered each day and considered how much actual time you have you could easily balance out your week so you not only have time to work towards your financial goals and career aspirations but also spend quality time with your kids and spouse and even have time for yourself.

There will be those nay sayers out there that say something like; “Nope it's not possible, you have no idea how much time I spend working and running my kids to activities every day after school and I am always exhausted and there is never any time for me or anything else.” I have heard these excuses many times and to those that are in that space right now, you have a choice. Are you going to live by design or by default? Are you going to continue to make choices that create a chaotic life or are you going to make choices to live a more balanced life?

I was once a nonbeliever in balance, but I made the CHOICE to look at life differently, I made the CHOICE to have an open mind, and I made the CHOICE to step out of a life of chaos and into a life that I love. I CHOOSE every day to live life consciously, purposefully, and with passion because we only get one life, one trip around on this rock, and it is too beautiful to waste.

Gary Benoit


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