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3 Tips for Improving Your Wisdom and Pursuing Your Goals

Life is a great teacher. If you listen, your experiences can direct your path. Listening to other wise counsel will also bring you greater wisdom as you embark on each new path. The key is to be present enough to let life’s lessons speak to you. Here are a few approaches for allowing wisdom to enter into your life.

Tip #1: Gain Wisdom from Life Experiences. You don’t gain wisdom from playing small, so commit to living large and pursuing new opportunities. Be calculated, but take risks. At the same time, be real. You’ll make mistakes. But if your mistakes seem to be repeating themselves, ask, “Where do I keep messing up—and where can I gain wisdom from past experiences?” Use the confidence gained from your wins to push yourself forward, and the knowledge learned from your losses to course-correct. With each experience, your wisdom database will grow.

Tip #2: Seek Wisdom from People Who’ve Achieved What You Want. Accessing the right kind of wisdom for the right kinds of decisions is the key to accelerating your way to the life you want. But you also have to be sure that the people you're listening to have actually achieved results—not just formed opinions.

While it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people ask their broke neighbour for financial advice, or seek marriage advice from someone who’s currently not speaking to their spouse and been divorced three times. And if you own a business and are looking for a mentor to guide you through your growth phase or a particularly tricky transaction, this point will be even more important. Be judicious. Check credentials. Make sure the expert you’re listening to has already succeeded in the specific area where you want to excel.

Tip #3: Spend Time in Proportion to the Decision Being Made. Deciding to buy a pack of gum or bottle of water takes just seconds, while purchasing a home, deciding to get married, or making a change in your career path requires serious time and dedicated analysis. Make certain that the time you spend making the decision is directly proportional to the impact of the decision being made. Make small decisions quickly, but give big decisions the time they need.

Of course, using wisdom to achieve your goals is only a part of the process of creating amazing achievements and overall balance in your life. There’s also your finances, fitness, career, faith, friends and fun time to consider. The key is to decide what you want in these areas, make some goals, and stay accountable to taking action daily to bring them about. Working with a coach can help keep you on track and accountable for results. And I’m here to help.

Check out the Oola Coaching Program in Courses under "Shop" on the Oola Website by clicking here. I work with clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives. It’s based on the bestselling book, Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. Over just 10 weeks, with the OolaGuys as your instructors and mentors, you and I will work on every major area of your life including finances, fitness, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun. Together we’ll face what’s not working for you and create a workable plan for lowering your stress, creating life balance, having more fun, and pursuing major life goals that are important to you. Ready to get your own Oola life? Contact me and let’s get started.


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