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3 Simple Steps to Living Life on Your Terms

Millions of people around the world have quietly been using a simple set of steps to get what they want in life—from professional success, to stress-free finances, to loving relationships, extraordinary good health, and a life filled with never-ending growth, learning, inspiration and advancement. Their lives are exciting, compelling, adventurous, and fulfilling.

That kind of life is waiting for you, too.

You only need to decide what you want—then follow the Oola formula for getting it.

What is Oola?

More than 20 years ago, two holistic physicians—Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl—identified 7 key areas of life: fitness, finances, family, field, faith, friends, and fun . . . where virtually everything in life happens, and where it can all get out of balance. They created a formula for finding balance in each of these areas and called the formula Oola to help people establish new habits, practice new ways of living, and take those daily actions that are key to bringing life into balance.

Today, “The Oola Guys” are international bestselling authors, social media influencers, personal growth experts, and founders of Oola Coaching with successful clients around the world. Since the first copy of their blockbuster book, Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, rolled off the presses years ago, the Oola lifestyle has become a worldwide phenomenon. Countless success stories from real people confirm that the simple, practical, easy-to-implement Oola formula works to help people get healthy, eliminate debt, build wealth, move into their dream career, have more fun, create a better circle of friends, resolve lifelong family conflict, find their ultimate life purpose . . . and so much more.

Now it’s your turn to start living the Oola life. Here are 3 steps to help you create it:

1. Decide What You Want. Most people float through life without ever defining exactly what they want. They took a job that simply paid the bills, and 10 years later are still there. Their family life is okay, but the spark is gone from their marriage and the kids barely say hello. Maybe their finances aren’t terrific, but they’re not that bad either. Life is simply one day after another—surviving, but never thriving. If this sounds like your daily existence, it’s time to decide what you want in all 7 areas: fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun. Write down your wants. Be specific. Instead of writing, “I want to be happy,” write down those activities that would make it so. Find joy simply in dreaming about what life could look like.

2. Face What’s Not Working. While tons of new stressors recently dropped into our lives, most people already had imbalances that kept stress at an all-time high. The good news is that it IS possible to calm the chaos and begin working on goals that matter. To begin, write down your list of what’s not working in your life, so you can refer back to it when making plans. Is it your job, health, marriage, finances, or friends who are stressing you out? Are there daily annoyances, inconveniences, incompletes or other headaches that constantly bring you down? Make your list. Get some clarity about what you DON’T want. Then take a look at Step #3 (next) and start working on a solution.

3. Make a Plan to Create the Life You Want. Once you’ve decided on the ideal lifestyle for you—including your career, relationships, finances, free time, and more—it’s time to research how you can move into that career, network, financial comfort zone, or carefree lifestyle. Ask others who are living that life now how they got there. Find out what’s required. If it’s a business you want to start, for example, get some advice and mentorship from someone who’s run that kind of business. Find out how you’ll financially flourish. But no matter what, get clear about the steps you’ll need to take—then set goals around reaching major benchmarks. Finally, break down those goals into smaller, daily tasks that will add up to the lifestyle you want.

When you DO decide what you want (and you create a plan for getting there), why not use the same secret weapon that top achievers do: coaching. Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their path to the healthy, balanced and financially secure life they want, working with a coach is at the top of the list.

The Oola Coaching Program is the formula I’ve discovered that has transformed not only my life, but the lives of countless people around the world. This landmark 10-week program will help you define the goals you want to achieve, then keep you accountable to doing those things every day that bring about the results you want.

I’ve even become certified as an Oola Life Coach to pace you through the program and hold you accountable for taking the actions that will get you to your goals. Together we’ll face what’s not working for you and create a workable plan for lowering your stress, creating life balance, having more fun, and pursuing major life goals that are important to you.

Check out Oola Coaching and work with me every week to set goals in major life areas like finances, fitness, family, field (career) and more. For now, email me at about the activities, career, fitness level, finances, faith walk, and family relationships you’ve decided you want. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and most supportive guide to getting there.


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