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Through events and workshops, we bring
front-line members together to heal through community and connection.

Resiliency Workshops

Individuals respond to stress and trauma in different ways, and what may be a traumatic event for one person may not be for another. However, across all people, one of the best indicators for how someone will handle trauma is how well-equipped they are to process this added stress.


Support your team with building pre-trauma resilience, because it's not if a crisis occurs, it's when.

Speaking Engagements

Powerful and insightful keynote presentations with real-life experience.


Cultivating Resilience through Trauma:

After being exposed to 20 years of traumatic events, including an officer involved shooting, combined with the daily stress as a first responder, this family has triumphed over adversity. Learn how this family developed resilience in the face of that trauma and how you can do the same. It is never too late to make positive changes in your life and start living a life with less stress, more balance and a greater purpose.

Conscious Connections

Monthly Meetup

Conscious Connections is an evening to bring together those working the front line, to talk, listen, share, and connect. As members working the front-line and supporters of these members, we have a unique thread that links us together and there is a powerful strength that happens when we come together and build relationships with one another.

F.L.R.P. Golf Tournament

Annual Tournament

Join the Front Line Resiliency Project for our first annual golf tournament on August 31, 2021. Register now to enjoy a fun day of golfing, with laughter, great connections, a delicious dinner and amazing prizes.

All proceeds will be donated to the F.L.R.P. Community Fund to support front-line members and their families in our community.

Everyday Heroes

A Night of Celebration

Everyday Heroes is an annual event to recognize members of the front-line for the positive impact they have on our community and to honour the community members that have made a difference in the lives of our first responders.

This is a special night to come together to celebrate and give back to our community while raising awareness on mental health and the importance of building resilience.

Health Care Worker Support
Police Officer Support
Correctional Officer Support
EMS Support
Military Support
Front Line Worker Support
Paramedic Support
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