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Front-Line Resiliency Project Community Fund

This past year our front-line workers have been more important than ever before. The pandemic has brought a whole new level of complexity to everyday life. So many members of the front-line have stepped up to the challenge putting others above themselves day in and day out while compromising their own mental and emotional health.

Front Line Resiliency Project Community Fund.png

The F.L.R.P. Community Fund had been created to support front-line members and their families in the community. Members who have experienced a traumatic event and are struggling with their emotional or mental health can apply for funding to access services that may not be covered through traditional benefits (ex: Equine Therapy, Reiki, Cellular Transformational Healing, Reflexology etc.). This fund will also be used to support members and their families in times of crisis. This can include but is not limited to financial struggles, divorce, medical crisis, food/supplies during a crisis, care packages etc. 

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